About Anna

Love in a Photograph

My job as a photographer is to do one thing: capture your memories. With so much on our plates, we are consumed by what is needed to be done. Whether it’s a meeting at work, making it to a soccer game, or figuring out what to make for dinner; we must take the time to step back and appreciate the basic things that make our lives just that: ours. You and your family will always have another lasagna, meeting, or game, but the joy of your child’s first holiday season, the tickle fights and cuddles, inside jokes, and genuine love that your family holds is what keeps you going and helps you handle the stress. Where I come in is when you want to capture and cherish these moments.

My photography style is reflective of how I try to live my life; real and fun. I don’t want to take anything too seriously, but I also want to make sure I am appreciating each moment. To make a photograph great, you have to capture natural and real emotions. Whether it is silly faces, corny jokes, or shouting random, funny things; my goal is to create a warm, comfortable environment so you don’t realize there is a camera. My goal is to connect with my subject and to freeze the love and energy that your family shares in a single moment in time.


Why Anna MacIsaac?

MacIsaac is actually my middle name which was passed down from my grandmother; who unfortunately passed before I was born. It’s unique and I carry the name proudly. So proudly, in fact, that I decided to name my company after it! I am a full-time, self-taught photographer who enjoys capturing life’s moments for others to treasure. Photography has given me a sense of purpose. I am constantly working on expanding my photography skills and embracing this beautiful world we live in and what it throws my way.

I grew up with children around me at all times, helping my Mom at her in-home daycare. I also spent many years studying and working with children with Autism. I left that career behind to pursue one behind the camera. I will forever cherish those years spent working children of all kinds. Those experiences have made me a more passionate, patient, and devoted person; not only to my clients, but to all people. The unabashed love, joy, and imagination children bring to life is one of the main reasons why I was inspired to grab a camera. Being able to capture the essence of children and their family is what continues to fuel my creative drive.

I am not the type to just sit around. I love being spontaneous and active. Whether it is yoga, hiking, running, kayaking, or rock climbing; I am pushing myself to be better and stronger. I live an organic and natural lifestyle; which also happens to include Buffalo Chicken Dip and Ben & Jerry’s! When I do get the chance to relax, it’s usually with my wonderful, handsome Fiance. I love spending time with my family; taking selfies, being silly, and just genuinely enjoying life. I love the close bonds that are created with the clients I photograph and the art I am able to create.



Anna Groezinger

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